The point of this bit is to recommend music that is either new, old, obscure or just so good you need to play it again.  You may not be familiar  with some of my faves, or you may know them and hate them. Or not. Go on, give ‘em a go. Good listening.


  • ALBUM: ‘HIT n RUN’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Hard rock lover’


OK it’s not Purple Rain or Sign O the Times, but it’s more value than anything Stevie Wonder has done for a long long time. To coin a phrase, even Paul Simon can’t keep it up. Joni doesn’t even try.  What there is on this record is a sense of  fun. There are also quite a few gentle jibes such as: “ I aint no rapper trying to be a singer.” Ouch! He goes on to demonstrate that the way to a lady’s heart (and other parts) is a rip roaring, top of the fretboard, screaming heavy metal guitar solo.  I agree, even though I don’t suppose he cares. By the way, HIT and RUN is even better but only available as a download. Pity, I like something I can handle.

Marcus Eaton

  • ALBUM: ‘Versions of the Truth’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘I will be your shade’


I read a recent interview with Cosby , Stills and Nash, in which- a little to my surprise- the one who seemed most enthusiastic and knowledgable about new artists was David Crosby. Amongst those he mentioned -and in this case co produced -was Marcus Eaton. Thanks David C! And thanks to Marcus Eaton for a most enjoyable listen. Literate  and cliché-free lyrics. A voice in the Paul Simon range , and very nifty guitar playing. It’s not folk, it’s not pop, so maybe this an example of AOR… great, I thought it might be extinct.

Phil Cook

  • ALBUM: ‘Southland Mission’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Sitting on the fence too long’


I confess I can rarely resist anything that implies a touch of Southern Rock. Tinges of The Band, Little Feat all delivered it that statutory slightly strangulated voice by the modestly named Phil Cook, who some might say is slightly geeky looking, but he sure sounds good..

Little Village

  • ALBUM: ‘Crazy ’bout an automobile
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Little sister’


Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe, John Haitt and Jim Keltner. It surely couldn’t last! It didn’t. One studio album and this live ‘twofer’. Real meaty music.

Amy Helm

  • ALBUM: ‘Didnt it rain’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Roll away’


Talk about dad’s daughter. The late great Levon Helm’s girl. They must have been so proud of each other. He got to play on a couple of tracks. Some songs had me weeping a little.

Shawn Colvin

  • ALBUM: ‘Uncovered’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Heaven is ten zillion light years away’


A covers album that doesn’t do the obvious. Love Shawn’s party frock, as covered as could be.

Chic Organisation

  • ALBUM: ‘Up all night
  • ‘RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Dance Dance Dance’


Nile Rodgers did a few things before he met Daft Punk. The ultimate dance floor years.

Dave Rawlings Machine

  • ALBUM: ‘Nashville obsolete’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Short haired woman blues’DRM_cover_email-1024x1024

Rawlings with Gillian Welch. Country? Folk? Americana.? Who cares? It is class.

Rickie Lee Jones

  • ALBUM: ‘The other side of desire’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Jimmy Choos’


Same comment as James.

Shelby Lynne

  • ALBUM: ‘I cant imagine’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Back door front porch’


Versatility and consistency.

Darrell Scott

  • ALBUM: ‘Songs of Ben Bullington’
  • RECCOMENDED TRACK: ‘Born in 55′


Ben who? Must be good, otherwise Darrell wouldn’t waste his great voice on him.

Samantha Grain

  • ALBUM: ‘ Under branch Thorn and Tree’


Bit quirky, bit weird but wonderfully assured.

James Taylor

  • ALBUM: ‘Before this world’
  • RECCOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Far Afghanistan’


If this had been released in the 70’s we’d be saying “pretty good.” It IS.

Angeleena Presley

  • ALBUM: ‘American Middle Class’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Knocked up’


No relation,though I dare say the King would appreciate her. If only I appreciated the King! Never really liked him. OK I have strange tastes.


Randall Bramblett

  • ALBUM: ‘The Bright Spots’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Detox bracelet’


Another grown up,  presumably offspring of Bonnie of Delaney and Bonnie.

Beaumont Trench

  • ALBUM: ‘You should be so lucky’


Wot no vocal? Not on this track. No Kylie either…Chill…


Albert Lee

  • ALBUM: ‘Highwayman’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘The Highwayman’


Albert sings Jimmy Webb. More please more.

Judith Owen

  • ALBUM: ‘Ebb and Flow’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Your not here anymore’


Songs, voice, piano, sheer class and witty with it.

Jill Sobule

  • ALBUM: ‘Pink Pearl’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘I kissed a girl’ and ‘Karen by night’


One of the greatest song writers. Still cheery despite having her “I kissed a girl” ripped off.

Gregg Allman

  • ALBUM: ‘All my friends’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘You can’t lose what you never had’


Live double with genuine star guests

Darrell Scott

  • ALBUM: ‘A crooked road’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘A crooked road’



Sings like a grown up and plays everything

Zach Gills

  • ALBUM: ‘Stuff”
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Watch them grow’Zach_Gill_-_Stuff

Intelligent non love songs.

Hurray for the Riff Raff

  • ALBUM: ‘Small town Heroes’
  • RECOMMENDED TRACK: ‘Crash on the highway’


          Great name, great little band.